The Yegada Piano trio is an exciting new collaboration of Ontarian musicians Mateusz Swoboda, Edwin Huizinga and Christina Faye. Together they bring fresh insights into the standard piano trio repertoire and strive to make these great works accessible to people of all backgrounds. Chamber music has historically been at home everywhere - the concert hall, the living room, and even the pub!

The Yegada Piano Trio is all about getting down to the essence of masterworks and more popular repertoire while having fun in the process. Give ‘em a keyboard and two chairs and they’ll be there!


Pianist Christina Faye and soprano Adria McCulloch, make up the fiery duo: Seirenes. Their sweet, seductive tones might not have shipwrecked any handsome seamen lately, but the critics sure seem to enjoy them. Adria and Christina first collaborated in Opera Erotique , with Out of the Box Productions in 2010.

Today, Seirenes performs a wide range of repertoire from classical to theatre (with some mainstream surprises!) and take great pride in presenting accessible Canadian compositions. Both versatile performers, these ladies know how to hold a crowd with the right blend of humour and intense sincerety.